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2018-2019 Competition Results

November 3rd---Coastal, Branson MO
  Royalz--2nd place
  Rockerz--1st place
  Senior Platinum---1st place and level 3 Grand Champion

November 17th--American Cheer Power, Tulsa, OK
   Royalz--1st place, level 2 Grand Champion, US Finals Gold Bid winner
   Rockerz---1st place
   Senior Platinum---1st place, level 3 Grand Champion

December 8-9th--Athletic Championships, Tulsa, OK
    Royalz---1st place
    Rockerz--2nd place, Best Dance
    Senior Platinum---1st place, Best Pyramid

January 12th--NCA Oklahoma Classic, Tulsa, OK
    Royalz---5th place and Best Use of Stunts
    Rockerz---1st place, Best Use of Stunts and Level 3 Grand Champion
    Senior Platinum--1st place

January 26th--LIVE, Kansas City, MO
    Royalz--1st place, Show Stopping Stunts, and Level 2 Grand Champion
    Rockerz---1st place, Show Stopping Stunts
    Senior Platinum--1st place, Level 3 Grand Champion and the highest score of entire comp

February 16th-17th---Rockstar Nationals, Tulsa, OK
    Senior Platinum--1st and Overall D2 Grand Champion
    Coach Kristi received the IEP award for integrity, enthusiasm, and passion!!!

March 2nd-3rd---NCA Nationals, Dallas, TX
     Rockerz---10th place
     Senior Platinum--1st place and won a PAID BID to the D2 Summit

March 30th-31st---ASCE Celebrity, Tulsa, OK
    Royalz--1st place and Level 2 Grand Champion
    Rockerz--1st place
    Senior Platinum---1st place, Level 3 Grand Champion, Choreography award, and highest score of ENTIRE competition

 April 27th---US FInals, Kansas City
     Royalz---1st place

May 11th-12th--D2 Summit, Orlando, FL
     Senior Platinum--7th

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